5 tips to keep your Semi Jewellery BEAUTIFUL

This blog post is going to be a must read! An exclusive post to offer you 5 tips on how to keep your semi jewellery beautiful.
Okay, so first of all, you’re probably wondering what semi jewellery actually is. 
You’re definitely in the right place to find out.
Semi jewellery is, by definition, a replica of jewellery. However, it is not completely made with noble metal. What semi jewellery receives is a thin coating of gold or silver, or other noble metals, but is made from a different high quality metal underneath. This means that you can purchase beautiful jewellery at an affordable price, but still get the same high quality metal that you deserve. Whether that be a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace, they can all look amazing and expensive, even at a lower price.
Semi Jewellery is durable, beautiful and stylish. It’s so precious that you need to make sure you know exactly how to keep your jewellery the way it should be. This will ensure your jewel will not lose colour or brightness, which you definitely wouldn’t want happening.
Check the list below to see our essential tips on how to keep your semi jewellery beautiful.


Friction can wear the coat layer of the semi gem down, which is something you must try to avoid.
Friction can be caused by a lot of things, such as wearing your bracelet against a watch, layering up different rings on the same finger, and constantly fiddling with your necklace. These are aspects to be wary of.
Try and switch it up a little, switch up the use of different parts of the jewellery so it minimizes the friction time. Wear your jewellery items seperately, or mix them with lighter pieces so the friction is not as intense or extreme.

Use of Perfume 

A top tip would be to always remove your jewellery before applying perfume. Perfume, deodorant, creams and other beauty products are chemical compounds that consist of components such as acid and alkaline, that attack and cause oxidation to your gold bath layering.
Most people love to wear perfume, so try not to worry too much. If your jewellery happens to come in contact with perfume,, there is a way to help this situation! Rinse the jewellery product with running water and neutral soap, and then heat them with a hairdryer to remove all moisture. This will help to recover the accident and keep your semi jewellery looking beautiful.

Showers, pools, and the sea!


This is an ultimate no go! If you’re heading for a day at the beach, or just simply taking your daily shower, make sure to remove your semi jewellery. Get into a routine of doing so, because otherwise your items can be damaged.
Salt water, chlorine, and sand can all damage your semi jewellery so when you remove them before you have contact with water, it will ensure your jewels will last longer, remain bright and radiate beauty.


Mixing cleaning and semi jewellery is a bad decision indeed. Cleaning products, sponges, crockery, all of these things can cause damage to your precious jewels, and there would be evidence of this straight away.
Gold, by nature, is very soft. So make sure you do everything in your power to look after it. Take your jewellery off before doing any intense cleaning work!

Gym & work out time

If you’re the type of person who likes to hit the intense workouts and exercise, then you probably already know that jewellery and accessories really do not mix well with the gym!
First of all, that’s a strange fashion statement to make. Jewellery and gym gear? A definite no.
But secondly, friction with weights, dumbbells and gym equipment can cause serious damage to your jewellery. It also could potentially injure yourself! - so stay away from mixing these two things. Jewellery and gyms should always be kept apart!
So, there are the 5 tips to keep your semi jewellery beautiful. They’re quite simple steps you can take to ensure your favourite pieces remain the best possible standard they can be.
Semi Jewellery items are beautiful, so let’s keep them that way.


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