8 Super Trends this Fall / Winter of 2018.

The fashion trends of this fall / winter 2018 will be a toast to diversity, comfort and multiplicity of trends and styles. There is a great variety, and even an element of surprise for the winter style this year. With trends ranging from super glamorous, to the most simple and basic trends, we have so much to choose from! This mixture of styles will make this winter so fun and inspiring!
New wardrobe anyone? Yes please!
So, let’s have a look at the 8 super trends with fall / winter! This is so exciting!

1. Go velvet!

A super trend for this 2018 Autumn / Winter is the classic velvet. The wet and the cord. The great novelty for wet velvet's, are the prints, and timeless style which it carries. This makes it an ultimate go to trend that we just love, and cannot get enough of! 

2. The Shine Super trend. 

The Shine Super trend is a new on the block, unique and edgy style this year. The brightness of the clothes will have guaranteed presence in looks for both day and night. It works both ways, and be styled to your preference. Lurex and Lame make the show, along with metallic fabrics that appear super colourful and vibrant. No description of the looks can do it justice, it’s all about seeing it for yourself! The intention is to shine on any occasion, work event, or ballad. Release your inner shine, and your outer one too. 

3. New Tweed

Tweed, a classic piece. Tweed allows you to leave the office or races, and win the streets with the latest modelling, colours and textures. Tweed can suit anybody, and any occasion, which is why it’s adored world wide. Tweed just keeps on making a comeback. Or should we say, it never really left. 

4 . Colour crazy!

This winter will be filled with colour, shine, and contrast. The famous intense red, will be the great star of the season, along with the classic green (military and emerald). Beautiful patterns with foliage will make green a highly regarded choice, and a beautiful option for this cold season. Floral prints mainly with dark background are also super trendy in 2018, as well as Earthly patterns. Make this winter beautiful! So if you want to hold on to your secret love for Summer and Spring for that little bit longer, then this is how you can do so! This will be your ultimate winter trend. 

5. Be aligned

This winter will make the triumphant return of traditional fabrics of tailoring that may have just been forgotten these past few years. Blazers with huge shoulders, overcoats, high waist pants, all made in classic fabrics. These give elegance and femininity to the coldest season of the year. Dressing for the weather has never been as fashionable as this! Rain? Snow? Hail? Not a problem! Our alignment trend has us covered. 

6. Folklore 

This is a unique and creative trend for Fall / Winter this year. Folklore is prints with global references, with a face of craftsmanship. Think Old West, cowboys, westerns, and Peruvian costumes. This trend is all about fringes, colourful clothing, and recycled outfits that you could never have imagined! 

7. Jeans, Jeans, and more Jeans! 

The jeans that never go out of style, this winter will be even more acclaimed. How can we write a blog post about trends for Fall / Winter and not include the old classic of jeans? Everybody loves them, everybody wears them, and this year we can hold onto our long love of this clothing item. 

8. It’s in the detail. 

This 2018, in the colder season, it’s all about the detail! Detail on clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories. The smaller and more intricate the detail the better. So keep your eyes peeled and grab those detailed items when you see them. You’ll be ahead of the game. 
So that’s the 8 super trends this Fall / Winter of 2018. High street Fashion is at its peak, and we can celebrate this by following these on trend suggestions. 
Let’s have fun experimenting, updating our wardrobe, and embracing the change of season this year!

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