Winter Must-Have Jewellery Items

The colder season is coming, and the tendencies of this winter are already giving the air of his grace. We love the winter season for fashion, and even though you're wrapped up in chunkier clothes, you can still make any outfit look fabulous with the jewellery you choose.
In the previous blog post we talked a little about some of the main trends in clothing, now let's talk about what we do best; the news in the world of semi-jewels. 
Just like clothing, boho and neo-vintage arises strongly as an influence, also in the semi-jewels world.


Hoops have always been a basic and necessary piece in every wardrobe of respect, yet in the next season, it will be indispensable. You definitely need to jump on board with this trend.
Present in several fashion shows and spotted on various celebrities, the hoop is no longer a basic and has become a superior fashionista item.
There are several different options with the hoop. Colour, size, thickness, price, style. You can adapt to your personal style and opt for a model that suits you. Do not worry, you can make any type of hoop work! 

The Tie style necklace

So simple yet insanely beautiful!
This necklace model was fever in the summer and continues being a popular choice this winter.
A little more sophisticated, with stones, crystals or zirconia it appears in several productions. It looks classy and tasteful, perfect for those fancy dinners or evenings out.
Used alone or with a mix of necklaces, this style of jewellery will always look incredible.


This arrived at several stations along the fashion timeline, and came to stay.
It emerged as a controversial piece, half hippie, half teen fashion. However, today it is present in every collection of jewellery. It has found it's rightful place in our collection of items, giving us a 90's throwback feel to it.
Sophisticated and chic, with a jovial air, this is the message conveyed by this wonderful piece that you will want to have ... if you have not already.
It will not be difficult to find pieces that match your style, it will be difficult to choose among the various options in the market because they're all gorgeous!

Mix of rings

Another trend that remains in evidence at some stations across time is the mix of rings.
The cool and quirky thing about this trend is that you can create unique blends with parts from your personal collection, and mix them with more modern versions. Silver, Gold, Rose, Stones, Jewels...the list is endless! All rings look beautiful.
For the more daring, the blend of wide rings, with and without stones creates a Boho chic look.
For the most discreet, the tip is a mix of normal rings, like the solitary, with a set of phalange rings. Layering them looks trendy, stylish and admirable.
Set of rings are also in high fashion, and because they are all the same, they give that sharp clean look.

Maxi rings

Some women are intimidated by maxi pieces, because they think they are exaggerated, however, maxi rings definitely match any style and express confidence. You should definitely give it a go.
This is a super must have winter trend and could not fail to be because it is divine and well saught after. 
One thing is for sure, it makes all the difference in the look, and the choice of the right piece can turn a basic production into a very stylish look.
Try to combine a super-relaxed piece with a more classic look to give a lighter air to the production.
Bet on different materials such as white, black and rose gold or mix it up, as this is another trend of the season. Match the ring with your favourite outfit or even be daring and make the colours clash a little. This trend is all about being bold and out there.

Long necklaces

Here follows a trend that fits very well with the winter clothes, the long necklaces!
They are a true and go-to jewellery piece as they look good with virtually every type of neckline and collar. You can pair them with a dress, a chic style suit, or even a t-shirt and jeans. They can compliment any type of outfit.
To make mixtures of pieces it is perfect and gives that finish to the mix.
Chokers, neckties, maxi necklaces .... everything looks good paired with the long necklace. Layer it up and turn heads in the street! 
Those that are more in trend are the thin ones, with crystals, pearls or zirconias.
And the cool thing is that you can make compositions between them, for that, they only have a small difference in length.
This winter really is a blast, with breathtaking parts and gorgeous jewellery items.
But the most important thing is to feel good, and feel confident!
Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Try to match the pieces with several looks before you discard them. You can have so much fun with these jewellery trends!
Go for it!


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