Quality Guarantee

Learn to identify a quality jewellery!

This is indeed a controversial subject since the differences, at first sight, are very subtle and require much attention and use to be discovered.

Here are some tips that will make you even more expert on the subject:

Bath: A semi-precious jewel has a very particular brightness and very close to the pieces in solid gold, the gold bath must be uniform throughout the piece, without males and without texture, must also be free of imperfections.

Values: Values are also a strong indicator, be wary of very cheap parts, these may be getting a layer of gold of lower thickness. After all, the price of gold is the same for everyone, is not it?

Stones: In semi-precious gems, the zirconia is studded, that is, embedded in the piece and not glued.

Warranty: The supplier will certainly have a warranty period, which will demonstrate that the manufacturer trusts and claims that it is selling a legitimate product and of good origin.

We at Kiki J Designs are confident that we only sell high-quality jewellery you can be certain of that.